Iowa City Noon Rotary

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Our Meeting was called to order by President Eric Weiler, who announced that this is our first in-person meeting since March of 2020. It’s actually our first hybrid meeting, where Rotarians can join in-person or via Zoom. He then led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and the first verse of America the Beautiful.
Rtn. Sean McIntyre introduced guests. See guests of Rotarians section.
President Eric Weiler announced we are looking for a Sergeant at Arms, someone to help set-up each week before meetings. We also need tech volunteers and greeters. Please continue to be diligent about RSVP’ing for lunches in advance.
President Eric had new members since our last in-person meeting stand.
Rtn. Susan Brennan introduced Rtn. Matt Degner, ICCSD Superintendent, who was inducted into our club.
Rtn. Bob Downer shared a Rotary Moment of Gratitude and Positivity. Bob celebrated that it’s good to be back! Bob had a heart attack while on vacation in February 2020. He was able to rehab in the new rehab facility in Coralville. He is immensely grateful for his friends, family and medical personnel that helped him through this health scare to get him back to where he is now.
Rtn. Devin van Holsteijn introduced Rtn. Chuck Swanson.
PROGRAM: Terri Gullickson & Jennifer Reinhardt On Hancher’s Wellspring—Fishtastic! and the Iowa Youth Writing Project
Presenters: Mallory Hellman and Chuck Swanson
Chuck shared that Rtn. Dave Brown led installation of “Well Spring,” which is artwork consisting of 30 fish statues on the Hancher grounds.
The artwork was complimented by a children’s storybook commissioned for Hancher. Tess Weaver is the pen name of Terri Gullickson. She is an award-winning author of 5 children’s books. She was commissioned to write the book “Fishtastic!” for Hancher. Jennifer Black Reinhardt is the illustrator of “Fishtastic!” Both joined us via Zoom.
Tess wanted the book to be uplifting, and provide an element of friendship and kindness. Jennifer wanted to be able to create this once-in-a-lifetime book, which was an uplifting project during a dark time (during COVID-19).
Mallory Hellman, Director of the Iowa Youth Writing Project and the Magic Center for Undergraduate Writing, connected with 3rd graders around the state of Iowa to name the fish. They worked in 28 different classrooms in 8 different communities. They approached the students with a 2-pronged prompt. First, meet and name your fish. Second, enter into an essay contest where they can explain what is their wellspring. Fish names included everything from Iowa to Bubbles. Her favorite fish name is Isadora.
Books can be purchased at Sidekick or Prairie Lights.
The meeting ended as President Eric led the assembly in reciting The Four Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians included: None announced
Guests of Rotarians: Alfonso Cundari (Jon Brown), Jared Knote (Tara Minetos), and Lori Merlak -virtually (Eric Weiler)
Program: Devin van Holsteijn; Attendance: Nancy Droll
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