Iowa City Noon Rotary

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Our Meeting was called to order by Past President Barbara Thomas
Past President Barbara Thomas reminded everyone to look at the Rotary District newsletter, asked for volunteers to help with the meetings and to open her email she sent earlier about July is food fight month and to consider contributing.
Rtn. Thais Winkleblack announced Iowa Most (annual fundraiser) is underway.  Selling fresh cut Alaska salmon delivered right to your doorstep. 
Rtn. Gary Pacha is vacationing in Steamboat Springs, CO and found a Rotary that has a river walk that highlights a wetland area with information all along the way about Rotary.
The Rotary moment of positivity and gratitude was given by Rtn. Tricia Smith.
Goat Rider: Rtn. Brent Carstensen
PROGRAM: Dr. Ernie Found on Historic Route 66 in an old Checker. Life begins at the off ramps.  Route 66 – we’ve all heard of it.  What got Dr. Found to go on Route 66 was it was on his bucket list so when he retired a couple of weeks ago it came to the forefront.  Dr. Found joined the Checker Car Club and found one he would drive for this adventure taking him from Chicago to LA, 2,400 miles, and through three time zones. Route 66 was the first major highway between Chicago and the West Coast.  It started in 1921 by each individual state coming together to build a connection to all states to the West Coast.  No federal money, all done via states.  After WW11 Route 66 became a pleasure road and was the hay day of Route 66. Eisenhauer started to build the Interstate system and that killed Route 66.  There has been a huge effort to save it. What Dr. Found enjoyed the most about this trip was feeling very patriot – very American knowing the history behind building Route 66. Dr. Found ended by encouraging everyone to take this joy ride.
The meeting ended at 1:00 PM as Past President Barbara Thomas led the assembly in reciting The Four Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians: Rtn. Judy Brodkey 
Guests: (Rtn. Greg Thomopulos) Paul Etre;  (Rtn. Trisha Smith) Alex Curtu; (Rtn. Brianna Wills) Sandy Steil
Program: Devin van Holsteijn; Attendance: Nancy Droll
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