Iowa City Noon Rotary

Rotary Minutes 9.08.22
Our Meeting was called to order by President Ryan Bell
America the Beautiful was sung by Rtn. Bob Crane with Rtn. Devin van Holsteijn on the keyboard, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  The Dynamic Duo followed up later, leading the Club in a spirited rendition of the all-time classic, “Smile”.
President Ryan Bell announced the passing of longtime Rotarian Benny Hawkins; extended regrets on behalf of Barb Thomas at being unable to attend owing to a recent medical condition; and recognized our AV tech Caleb.  In addition, speaking for Anna Moyers-Stone, invited Rotarians to attend the annual Joint Service Club luncheon at Big Grove on October 13.  Tickets must be purchased in advance and are exclusively available online at:
Continuing, our voluble Pres. Ryan B. congratulated Rtn. Tara Minetos upon being recognized by the CBJ as one of this year’s class of “Forty under Forty”.  Congratulations.  And, finally, he reminded the assembly that there would be a repeat of our tree-planting project on October 5, at 9am.
Rtn. LaDonna Wicklund reminded the Club of the upcoming September 29 Literacy party and shared notes of gratitude from teachers and students who received books in their classrooms.
Rtn. Tara Minetos noted that a “Baby Supply Drive” is being held at the N. Dodge HyVee on September 24 from 9am till noon.  Please bring donated items to that location.
Rtn. Richard “Pipes” Compagna lured Rotarians to belt-out a few tunes at the “Rotaroke” at 5p at Willow Creek Park, promising exotic gifts and free drinks for the first twenty-five volunteers.
Rtn. Patty McCarthy read excerpts from a note from RYLA participant “Grace”, thanking the club for the support that enabled her to attend.
Rtn. Chris Peters announced a headstone cleaning effort at the Newport Township Cemetery on September 17.  Please contact Chris for details.
Rtn. Usha B announced a brainstorming session for the Iowa City Community Leadership Program immediately following the adjournment of our meeting.
Rtn. Jim Down shared a meaningful Rotary Moment, recalling his experience working with Rtn. John Gross to fashion retainer wires from an umbrella sub-frame for a patient during an Iowa MOST visit.
Rtn. Sean Mc Intyre, Club Secretary, posts the following announcement:
Iowa City Noon Rotarians,
The following individuals have been proposed for membership, completed Orientation and have applied for Membership in our Club. Current members have 10 days to express any concerns in writing to your Rotary Board.  YOU DO NOT NEED RESPOND IF YOU APPROVE of this new member proposal.
Jeremiah "JJ" Hardy, Rotary Classification is Business Development: Business Coach.  He is the Owner of Victory Leadership Coaching. Proposed by Ryan Bell.
Julie Marie Winter, Rotary Classification is Community Services: Director.  She is the Director of Development for CommUnity Crisis Services.  Proposed by Patty McCarthy.
Rtn. Devin van Holsteijn introduced today’s speaker, Suzan Eren. MS Eren’s presentation covered the activities of the Sustainable Iowa Land Trust (“SILT”).  SILT is devoted to the preservation of owner-operated family farms as a means to promote new farm ownership as a method to preserve soil quality, increase sustainable agriculture, and to promote cleaner water and air through the use of restrictive land easement covenants.  SILT’s goal is to bring approximately 400,000 acres of farmland, spread across ten key areas, under its control.
The meeting ended just after 1:00 PM as President Ryan Bell led the assembly in reciting The Four Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests:  JJ Hardy, Tom Davies and Dave LaMere (Ryan Bell); Dionelyn Yoder (Usha Balakrishnan); Julia Winter (Patty McCarthy); Julie Zielinsky (David Bywater); and Connie Bauer, wife of Bob Crane
Program: Devin van Holsteijn; Attendance: Nancy Droll
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