Iowa City Noon Rotary

Our Meeting was called to order by President Ryan Bell
America the Beautiful and Happy Birthday were sung by Rtn. Bob Crane with Rtn. Devin van Holsteijn on the keyboard
Rtns. LaDonna Wicklund and Bernie Cremers announced that Thursday, Sept. 29th at 5:30PM, Patty and Dale Roberts are hosting the Literacy Champions Party. The party is for everyone – Rotarians and their spouses and partners. The party will help support the I Can Read Program. Kindergarten teachers from 19 schools have requested over 1,000 books. $25 Tickets for the party can be purchased at Rotary meetings for the next 4 weeks.
Rtn. Christopher Peters announced that he has organized a Rotary service day to help clean Veteran’s headstones. The first day will be Saturday, September 17th, with a rain date of the 24th. Reach out to Chris if you’re interested in volunteering.
Rtn. Richard Campagna reminded the Club of the first Rotar-aoke next Thursday, September 8th in Willow Creek Park. Richard will bring kombucha and water – feel free to pack a picnic.
Rtn. Julia Winter announced that there are sponsorship packets on the tables to help sponsor students attending RYLA and World Affairs Seminar. Please consider supporting the students.
Rtn. Usha Balakrishnan shared her Rotary Minute: She joined Rotary in 2003, but in 2012 Usha read her poem about the passing of her father aloud at a meeting. The Club was instrumental in recovering from her grief. This year, she is celebrating 37 years in the United States and the 16th year of her nonprofit, Cartha, but she still feels connected to Rotary and looks forward to hearing your stories. For Usha, Rotary is like a spa treatment. For every Rotary Minute shared by our members, Usha will donate $20 to our club.
New Member Induction: Lori Merlak (Sponsor: Eric Weiler)
Rtn. Trisha Smith introduced today’s speaker, Becky Schmooke. Becky blends ancient stoic wisdom with modern sciences and teaches mindful leadership. Becky’s Mindful Kitchen provides unique training experiences. She is a mom of 3 girls and a menagerie of animals and the wife of a firefighter.
Seneca said, “wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness.” Becky works with many groups experiencing burnout. Empathy is very draining, but compassion energizes us. Nice is not the same as being kind – being nice is how you’re perceived; kindness is focused on others.
Becky’s framework on teaching kindness consists of “Observe, Act, Recognize.” Start by watching for opportunities for kindness (may eye contact, pick up trash, open the door, ask questions), then act on them. When you witness someone doing something kind, recognize it – call it out and you’ll see more of it. When you want a child or an employee to be better, tell them when they’re doing well. Becky asks her children two questions after school, “what did you do today that was kind?” and “what kindness did you witness?”
The meeting ended at 1:00 PM as President Ryan Bell led the assembly in reciting The Four Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests: Jennifer Rubel (Eric Weiler); Becky Schmooke (Trisha Smith); Bill Preucil (Doris Preucil); Matt Evans (Christopher Peters); Dionelyn Yoder (Ryan Bell); Julia Winter (Patty McCarthy); JJ Hardy (Ryan Bell); David LaMear (Verne Folkmann); Tom Davies (Ryan Bell)
Program: Devin van Holsteijn; Attendance: Nancy Droll
The following individuals have been proposed for membership, completed Orientation and have applied for Membership in our Club. Current members have 10 days to express any concerns in writing to your Rotary Board.  
Jeremiah "JJ" Hardy, Rotary Classification is Business Development: Business Coach.  He is the Owner of Victory Leadership Coaching. Proposed by Ryan Bell.
Julie Marie Winter, Rotary Classification is Community Services: Director.  She is the Director of Development for CommUnity Crisis Services.  Proposed by Patty McCarthy.
Please forward any newsworthy items and/or photos to Janice Baldes to include in the weekly slide decks emailed to members prior to each meeting and shown just before Rotary meetings at the Club. You can send information to: Janice Baldes
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