Iowa City Noon Rotary

The meeting was called to order by President Jim Conard.
Rtn. Barb Thomas reminded the members Jan. 28th from 5-7pm is the Rotary Service & Social Event at Big Grove in Iowa City.  All area clubs will be presented and will be putting together 100 emergency kits for the Shelter House.  Committee and member chairs will also talk about their committee work.
Rtn. Jim Merchant announced today was the last day for CPR training after the meeting. The Heart Safe Community initiative is also being launched Sunday at 5pm with various faith communities (15 communities). Jim also thanked Bill and Shelley Bywater for the great success the Foundation is having with their fundraising. To date over $13,000has been raised with a goal of reaching $40,000.
Rtn. Ron Ettinger. Updated members on the Dictionary Project with 302 dictionaries distributed throughout the Iowa City District (4th & 5th graders). 
Rtn. Chris Peters updated the members about his attendance at the Rotary World Peace Conference in California representing Better Angels. He announced there is a fundraiser Feb. 6 at Big Grove in Iowa City. For more information go to
One new induction today. Sponsor Rtn. Bill Stanford introduced Bob Young.
Program: From the Berlin Archives: Forgotten murder and the roots of modern dating presented by Tyler Carrington. The presentation concentrated on talking about the risk associated with modern approaches to dating and finding love in the turn-of-the-century metropolis. Using newspapers, diaries, police records, and court cases, it reveals the strangers, swindlers, and traditional middle-class values that threatened single people looking for intimacy in new ways. Mr. Carrington’s book – Love At Last Sight – can be found on Amazon for sale in both hardcover and Kindle.
The meeting ended at 1:10 pm as President Jim Conard led the assembly in reciting The Four Way Test.
The Club enjoyed singing America the Beautiful.
Visiting Rotarian: Dean Carrington from the Iowa City AM Club.
Guests of Rotarians:  Bill Easton and Johnathan Brinson (Ryan Bell); Arica Ohloff (Colleen Brown) Bill Preucil (Doris Preucil), Dean Carrington, Cheryl Carrington, Tyler Carrington, Melissa Carrington and Paul Carrington (Verne Folkmann), Bob Young and Jean Koch (Bill Stanford), Joel Myers (Chris Atchison).
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The Club enjoyed singing America the Beautiful, led by Rtn. Bob Crane.
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It is our policy to have all members silence their cell phones before the meeting and refrain from answering their cell phones during the meeting out of respect to the speaker and fellow members.