IC Noon Rotary Summary 4.4.19

Posted by Sara Sedlacek on Apr 12, 2019
Our Meeting was called to order by President- Elect Jim Conard.
President-Elect Jim Conard announced that the club is looking for a new meeting location, as the Clarion has decided not to renew our contract. Any club members with thoughts on meeting space should let him or Pres. Quigley know. The committee that worked on this last time will be working together again.
Rtn. Eric Weiler announced that the Rotary Foundation grants will be opening again soon.
Rtn. Patty Roberts announced that the Doris Preucil Women’s Build for Habitat for Humanity has been a success.
Rtn. Verne Folkman recognized Rtn. Bruce Teague as a Paul Harris Fellow +1.
Goat Rider: Patty McCarthy
Rtn. Anna Moyers Stone introduced today’s speakers, the Queen of the Pella Tulip Festival, Olivia VanDerLeest, and her Royal Court.
The girls shared a brief history of Pella and talked about this year’s Dutch costumes. They come from the Village of Heisen, which is a province of North Holland.
They sang a number of songs and shared information about the Netherlands, including the Dutch are the tallest people in the world and they ride their bikes everywhere. They also taught the club about the three-kiss greeting, a common Dutch greeting.
The Queen and her Royal Court asked all the April birthdays to come to the front. They then stood in a circle around the birthday boys and girls and sang “Happy Birthday” in Dutch. The girls also talked about Christmas in Holland and taught the club some Dutch words.
After more singing, the group talked about the Pella Tulip Festival and all the things to be seen and done during May 2-4. They issued a formal invitation to the club and asked all members to attend Pella’s Tulip Festival on May 2-4.
The meeting ended at 12:50 pm as President-Elect Jim Conard led the assembly in reciting The Four Way Test.
Singing: America the Beautiful and Vive le Rotary were led by Rtn. Bob Crane with Rtn. Devin van Holsteijn on piano.
Rtn. Brenda LaMarche announced that there were no visiting Rotarians.
Guests of Rotarians: Paige Herrington, Rtn. Briana Wills.