Iowa City Noon Rotary

Our Meeting was called to order by President-Elect Eric Weiler.
President-Elect Eric Weiler announced that Rtn. Devin van Holsteijn and his wife and children welcomed  twin girls last Thursday – Eloise and Chloe – a beautiful photo was shared.  Congratulations Devin!
Rtn. Kelly Drowne welcomed Club members and guests and provided Zoom tips.
Rtn. Joe Hughes provided an update on our Salvation Army.  Thank you to the three Rotarians who volunteered as bell ringers.  You can still donate to our Club’s virtual kettle:
Rtn. Vern Folkmann, Chairman of our Club’s Rotary Foundation, encouraged Rotarians to make year end donations to the Foundation.  He explained the levels of giving, during life, or through you last will and testament.
Rtn. Linda Farkas, Chair of the RYLA & World Affairs Committee, announced that all interviews were completed (via Zoom) for Rotary Youth Leadership Awards.  In total, 30 students have been selected to attend the conference in Wisconsin, and our Club is providing funding for 25 students.  She wants to thank our donors and the Committee.  She also expressed appreciation for the Downtown Rotary Club as well as the AM Rotary Club.  She read a wonderful thank you note from a guidance counselor at North Liberty High School. 
Rtn. Kim Casko announced Project Better Together’s Adopt a Health Care Worker campaign.  Currently there are 565 healthcare nominees and 420 adopters.  Please sign up to send a card or small gift to a worker here (bonus points for shopping local):
Guest Bob Untiedt, President of the Board of TRAIL of Johnson County gave his thanks for the $5,000 grant from our Club.  He explained that residents 65+ are the fastest growing age group in Johnson County and TRAIL provides support for seniors to enhance their lives and independence.
The Rotary Moment of Gratitude and Positivity was delivered by Rtn. Tita Coffman.  She is grateful for her son and her family all over the world and being able to share successes and happy moments on video chat.  She is expecially grateful for her friends, who have become like family.  She has been able to attend virtual religious services here and abroad, which have helped her with this challenging year.  The literary and performance arts have also given her peace and entertainment.  She is grateful for our democracy and being a citizen of the United States.  She wished us all a very happy new year.
President-Elect Eric Weiler introduced the hosts of United Way Trivia Rtn. Anna Moyers Stone and Rtn. Ryan Bell.  They are the 2020 United Way Campaign Co-Chairs (AKA co-cheerleaders) and are committed to building a stronger community.  Feel free to re-live the fun by watching the YouTube video.  The trivia categories were the Wheel of Rotary, Hap Hap Happy Holidays, and Covid Heros. 
Fun facts about the United Way were learned between challenging questions.  There are 20 members of the United Way Campaign Cabinet, and 7 of them are Rotarians.  One in four local residents have trouble paying bills and over 70,000 Covid-19 calls were made this year to Iowa 211 support line.  United Way partners with 24 partner agencies to enhance childhood literay; provide physical, mental, and emotional health services; and build invidual and family stability.  In 2014, United Way of Johnson County was added Washington County to the service area.  United Way has a number of initiatives each year, and new programs were initiated this year in response to COVID-19 and the derecho.  You can make one extra gift this year to the United Way through the Joy Finds a Way campaign at  You can print a donation certificate to present to your friends and family and support a great cause.
The meeting ended at 1 PM as President-Elect Eric Weiler led the assembly in reciting The Four Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians included: Gary Wicklund (Vail, CO)
Guests of Rotarians: Anna Barker (John Kenyon); Alex Taylor (Trail of Johnson County); Bob Untiedt (Ryan Bell); Harriet Nembhard (Julie Zerwic); Alison Ames Galstad (Ryan Bell); Daniel Clay (Ryan Bell); Jeff Dancer (Ryan Bell); R’Shailyn Harrington (Barb Thomas); Jesus Garcia (Ryan Bell); John & Katherine Moyers (Tom Celik); Tiffani Shaw (Ryan Bell); Jeff Dancer (Ryan Bell)
Program: Devin van Holsteijn; Attendance: Nancy Droll
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