Iowa City Noon Rotary

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Our Meeting was called to order by President Barb Thomas, who led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Rtn. Devin van Holsteijn provided Zoom user tips.
Rtn. Steve Schomberg announced that he was interviewed in the Press Citizen’s Community Music Column. You can read the article here:
President Barb shared that Rtn. Dr. Tunji Funsho has been named in the Times’100 Most Infludential People in the World for helping achieve the iradication of polio in Africa. He is the first Rotarian member to receive this honor.
President-Elect Eric Weiler announced that the Annual Rotary Board Elections are coming up. Please consider applying to be on the Rotary leadership board. Just e-mail President Barb with a sentence on each of the following. 1. Information about you. 2. Your involvement in our Rotary club. 3. How you want to serve.  E-mails are due by Sept. 24th at 5 p.m.
President Barb announced our club will hold a virtual social in October 6th from 4:00-5:30 pm. There will be  Zoom rooms! Raffle prizes! And more! Please join via zoom and feel free to share with others. Bring your beverage of choice!
Please join us next week, we will hear from Phil Jasper of Collins Aerospace. He will give an overview of the history of Rockwell/Collins Aerospace and discuss the changes in the company. Invite others to join!
Rotary Moment of Gratitude and Positivity Rtn. Doris Precil shared her habit of giving thanks each morning. She is thankful for her family, friends and her experience playing the violin with the Suzuki method. She has used the Suzki method for years with children to nuture and develp their talent.
Rtn. Anna Moyer-Stone shared that our club hosts the annual Joint Service Club Luncheon.  This year’s event will happen in November, via Zoom with University President Bruce Harreld speaking. No invitation or ticket will be required. Please email Anna at if you’re interested in helping with the Luncheon! It’s super easy and a great way to meet your fellow rotarians.  
Rtn. Bill Oglesby shared a short video from Rotary International.
PROGRAM: Jason Taylor on Bur Oak Land Trust: Protecting Iowa's Most Vulnerable Species
Rtn. David Bright introduced speaker Jason Taylor, Executive Director at Bur Oak Land Trust Iowa City. Bur Oak Land Trust is a non-profit in Iowa City founded in 1978. There are six land trusts in Iowa that protect over 176,000 acres, with Bur Oak currently protecting over 800 acres. Their focus is on perservation, habitat management, community involvement, education. There are several partnerships they are involved with, one being with the AmeriCorps. The focus is on habitat restoration and conservation education with the idea of sharing the outdoor world with the community in a way they feel comfortable exploring.
Bur Oak Land Trust main focus is on managing the land that they are in charge of, in Iowa, that consist of Prairie and Oak-History Savanna Restoration and Management. Their goal is to enhance vegetation, identify and catalog native and non-native species, manage invasive species, manage for the most vulnerable species and restore the fire regime.
Jason explained that Land trusts are important because plant species are going extinct 500x faster than what they expected. A UN report said that over 1 million specics are threatened with extinction. Another report said that there has been a net loss of 3 million birds in North America since 1970. This is happening because of habitat loss, fragmentation and degradation. In Iowa, we currently have 500 species that are listed as endangered, threatened and special concern.
If the land is managed properly, things will grow back. For example, Iowa has 36 orchid species, with Bur Oak Land Trust’s work, 86 different orchid specimens came up last year and even more this year. Another project that they worked on was the Rusty Patched Bumble Bee Habitat Restoration. There was a 87% population decline in 20 years and only present in 0.1% of historic range. Bur Oak Land Trust were able to locate this bee on five of their properties and were able to have the properties listed as zones for the bees.
If you want to explore some properties, Jason recommended that you Turkey Creek Preserve is a great property to start with, you can find the trail map at Also, during the pandemic they hosting 1:1 tour of the properties, please reach out to Bur Oak Land Trust for more information.
Jason gave a great suggestion that you plant Bergamot and Joe Pye Weed in your yard to help with Pollinators, such as butterflies and bees. They grow really well and don't require much maintenance.
For more more information, you can contact Jason at
The meeting ended at 12:58 PM as President Barb led the assembly in reciting The Four Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians included: None today
Guest of Rotarians: Deb Bell and Molly Daum (guest of Rtn. Ryan Bell); Bill Precil (guest of Rtn. Barb Prucil)
Program: Devin van Holsteijn; Attendance: Devin van Holsteijn
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