Iowa City Noon Rotary

Miriam Kashia shares news of the Great March for Climate Action
Mel Schlachter introduced Miriam Kashia, an environmentalist who participated in the Great March for Climate Action last year. The 3,000-mile walk drew 50 marchers who spent eight months walking from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., to spread word about the need to combat climate change. Kashia shared stories of the walk, including highlights at a few stops along the way. She also shared information about the effort to oppose the planned Bakken Pipeline, which would build an oil pipeline that would transverse Iowa diagonally from northwest to southeast.
June 8 – Ronald McDonald House Golf Outing
Nov. 5 – Noon Rotary Centennial Celebration at the Iowa Memorial Union
Singing:  Bob Crane with Maggie Mowery on the piano led the singing of America the Beautiful and Happy Birthday for those with April birthdays.
  • President Bruce reminded the Club about the District 6000 Conferences: Celebrating Youth to be held at the Coralville Marriot and Conference Center, April 16 – 18.
  • Tim Terry shared news of a trip he took to Des Moines on April 15, which is the day by which Iowa school districts are required to file their budgets. They have not been able to do so because the Legislature has yet to set the allowable growth amount that tells districts how much state funding they will received. He encouraged members to contact their legislators to let them know that this needs to be addressed.
New Rotarians
Three new Rotarians were welcomed into the club at the meeting. They are Andre Perry, director of the Englert Theatre and the Mission Creek Festival (sponsored by Usha Balakrishnan), George Eihacker, a past president of the Keokuk club who has retired to Iowa City (sponsored by Verne Folkmann), and Bill Windauer, a former Iowa and NFL football player who works at the University of Iowa Foundation (sponsored by Art Nowak).
Guests and Visiting Rotarians
Aaron Schaeffer introduced visiting Rotarians Cayo Cabrera and Ange Pimentel (Rotary Club of Xicotepec), Jim Peterson (Iowa City AM) and Kate Minette (Cedar Rapids Downtown); and guests Jeff Ealy (Mike Schmitz), Christina Kimerle (Verne Folkmann), Sally Scott (Jody Braverman), Jacob Bunch (Maggie Mowery) and Ali alHilli (Jose Morcuende).
Thais Winkleblack, Linda Farkas, Barb Thomas, Brianna Wills, Jody Braverman (meeting on fund raising for 100th anniversary event/auction/raffle); Linda Farkas, Anna Moyers Stone, Eric Weiler, Jody Braverman (Rotary raffle meeting).
Program: Tom Cilek; Attendance: Nancy Droll; Greeters: April 23 -- Mark Nolte and Kristin Reynolds, April 30 -- Russ Schmeiser and Chuck Traw, May 7 – Bryan Lawler and Shawn Reineke, May 14 – HD Hoover and Josh Schamberger, May 21 – Carlin Parish and Kathleen Jacobs, May 28 – Don Koch and Adam Pretorius