Iowa City Noon Rotary

Margaret Hoover, great grand-daughter of Herbert Hoover
Jerry Fleagle introduced Margaret Hoover. Ms. Hoover gave an engaging and informative overview of the new exhibit at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum. The new exhibit “The Making of the Great Humanitarian: Herbert Hoover and World War I” is open daily from 9-5 p.m. through October 25. Visitors can view letters, drawings, mementos, educational materials and interactive displays.
World War I was only a few days old when 40 year old Herbert Hoover then living in London traded his role as an engineer for that of a humanitarian. Thousands of Americans were stranded abroad with worthless currencies, letters of credit not honored by the fallen banks and tickets issued on German steamship lines. They fled to London where Herbert Hoover and his wife Lou Henry set up a volunteer effort in the lobby of the Savoy Hotel.
Hoover invested one million dollars of his own money to secure safe passage home to approximately 120,000 American tourists. Remarkably all but $350 was returned to him after the Americans returned home. Hoover was also instrumental in feeding seven million Belgians who faced certain starvation when Belgium was blockaded by the British when occupied by the German Army. This humble and orphaned son of Iowa fed millions of people during two world wars in more than 57 nations. “Each of us, no matter how humble our origins, no matter how limited our resources, can make a difference!” That is the message and legacy of Herbert Hoover.
Ms. Hoover also extended a special invitation to hear Doris Kearns Goodwin, renowned presidential historian and author, at a banquet on Oct. 23 at the Kirkwood Center in Cedar Rapids. Tickets can be secured online by clicking the “Register For Event” banner at:
For more information, visit:
RYLA and World Affairs Students
Aaron Schaefer introduced the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) attendees and their family members.  He explained that RYLA is a week-long intensive leadership program sponsored by Rotary and that we send a total of 7 students from the Iowa City Noon Rotary Club as well as collaborating with other area clubs to send an additional 8 (7 from noon, 5 from AM, 2 from Downtown and 1 from Coralville).  Then he introduced two students, Kasey Baller and Esme Rummelhart, who talked about their RYLA experience and how impactful it was for them, and thanked the Club for the opportunity to attend.
Next, Linda Farkas introduced the World Affairs attendees and their family members.  She explained that World Affairs is an annual event held in Wisconsin with students from all over the world, and that we sent a total of 5 students (AM Rotary sent 2 more for a total of 7). Then she introduced two students, Noah Tiegs and Nick Schnoebelen, who talked about their experience at the seminar which focused on “Global Energy – Who Got the Power”.  Both students were grateful that they had the opportunity to attend the week-long event in Waukesha, WI and gain a larger world view. 
Oct. 1 – Joint Service Club Luncheon @ University Club
Nov. 5 – Noon Rotary Centennial Celebration at the Iowa Memorial Union
Singing:  Bob Crane led the singing of America the Beautiful.


Centennial Celebration Raffle Ticket Update: Raffle tickets will be at the back bar at every meeting if members have questions, need to turn in money or require additional tickets. There will be additional opportunities to sell raffle tickets at other community events. Sign-up sheets are available for the following upcoming events: Fry Fest on September 4 and Move It! Dig It! Do It! on September 20. Please consider signing up to sell raffle tickets during our Centennial Year to support our Club projects as well as our local libraries in Iowa City, Coralville and North Liberty!
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Guests and Visiting Rotarians
Gene Fisher introduced Visiting Rotarians Chris Knapp (Iowa City AM), Vernette Knapp (Iowa City AM), Kim Schillig (Iowa City Downtown), Andy & Jeanie Hoover (Greenwood Village, CO) and Devin van Holsteijn (Cedar Rapids Metro); as well as guests Evan Evans, Lillie Catlin, Julius Goldberg (Wally Chappell); Ricardo Rangol, Jr. (Matt Steele); Theresa Schaefer, John Lee, PDG Susan Herrick (Usha Balakrishnan) David McCartney (Dennis Mitchell); Joe Vens (Verne Folkmann); Tom Bergerson (Bruce Teague); Connie Champion (Mace Braverman); Rody Gessner, Orville Townsend (Jody Braverman); Kasey, Connie & Kelsey Baller, Ian Ochoa, Nick & Val Schnoebelen, Orion, Alisa & Duane Staskal, Jim, Marcia, & Elly Farr, Ed Farkas (Linda Farkus); Dale Crider (Cyndy Crider); Marsha Hamer (Mark Hamer); Chris Hedlund (Steve Hedlund).
Program: Tom Cilek; Attendance: Nancy Droll; Greeters: August 13 - Glen Meisner and Mark Nolte and August 20 - Earle Murphy and John Dasher, and August 27 – Joe Hughes and Linda Dasher.