Iowa City Noon Rotary

New Member Induction –
Dale Roberts
Classification: Medicine: Plastic Surgery (retired)
(Sponsor Steve Wolken)
Chet Woodman
Classification: Manufacturing: Robotic Welding Systems (retired)
(Transfer - Chagrin Valley District 6630)
Representative Dave Jacoby & Representative Bobby Kaufmann, Iowa Political Update
Nancy Quellhorst introduced Rep. Dave Jacoby & Rep. Bobby Kaufmann.
Mr. Jacoby (District 74), was born and raised in Marion, is a UNI graduate, is in his 7th year in the house, and serves on many boards and committees. Dave was elected to two terms on the Coralville City Council, where he was a leader in developing policy. His service on the Concil has been an asset in the Legislature in understanding the challenges of local government. In addition, Dave is honored to partner with the University of Iowa and State Hygienic Lab to promote STEM for ALL of our students as their STEM Coordinator.
Mr. Kaufmann (District 73) grew up in Wilton, has a business degree from the University of Iowa, is serving his 2nd term in the house, is an 8th generation farmer along side his brothers and his father, and gives his service to many organizations in his area. In addition, Bobby is a crop and livestock farmer who also owns and operates a steel hauling, construction and demolition business in Cedar County.
Even though Rep. Jacoby is a Democrat and Rep. Kaufmann is a Republican they work and collaborate well together across the aisle. Both focus on what politics can be, what politics are and what politics should be and have achieved numerous accomplishments during their partnership. Their collaborative efforts will continue on January 11 during the first day of the 2016 Iowa Legislative Session.
For additional information, please visit:
Singing:  Bob Crane led singing of America the Beautiful and Smile with Jim Conard on the piano.
Ride the Goat: The club heard from two goat riders, Linda Dasher and John Dasher.
President Thais had the following announcements:
  • Our club presented a “big check” in the amount of $32,000 to representatives from the three local public libraries. The club raised a total of $52,000 through our raffle ticket sales effort for our Centennial Celebration. $19,000 will be directed to the Iowa City Public Library, $7,000 to the Coralville Public Library and $6,000 to the North Liberty Community Library. The remaining $20,000 will be used for our local club projects. Our commitment to literacy resonated throughout the raffle process as we remembered how important it is to touch the communities where we live and work.
  • Our club took a big leap of faith when we decided to take on the raffle project during our Centennial Celebration. Linda Farkas and Jody Braverman were commended for their efforts and presented with a framed 100th ticket and 10,000th ticket to show how far we were able to spread the word to people on what Rotary is and what Rotary does. Jody Braverman also noted that the winners of the Toyota Highlander, Regina & Ben Abiles, were present at our meeting today and they have sold the car to benefit an orphanage in Haiti among other causes.
  • Salvation Army Bell Ringer sign up sheets will be available before and after the meeting. Joe Hughes is still looking for a few volunteers for 1 hour shifts from 4-7 p.m. on December 19 at the Coralville Walmart. For further information contact Joe Hughes at:  
  • John Gross reported that last week was the best first week of fundraising since he has been collecting funds for the Toys for Tots program. He raised $700 and will continue to be at the door before and after Rotary for the next several weeks asking for donations for this annual toy drive.
  • Just a reminder, there are still Centennial gifts available. Please stop by the back counter to pick up a gift.
Please remember that all members need to go into the ClubRunner system and update their own records in the membership directory as they have changes. We want to ensure that we have the most up-to-date information on all of our members.  Please use this link: and follow information directly from ClubRunner on how to update your individual record.
For questions related to Club administration, please contact us at
Guests and Visiting Rotarians
Brenda LaMarche introduced Visiting Rotarians Chet Woodman (Chagrin Valley District 6630) and Keith Jones (Coralville-North Corridor) as well as guests Evan Evans (Wally Chappell); Patty Roberts (Usha Balakrishnan); Howard Kerr (John Bay); Jennie Garner, Patty McCarthy & Alison Ames Galstad (Linda Farkas), Julie Brinegar & Jenny Griffin (Jerry Forrester); Michele Rutt (Thais Winkleblack); Mike Huber and Ben & Regina Abiles (Jody Braverman).
Program: Tom Cilek; Attendance: Nancy Droll; Greeters: December 17 – John Fraser and Mary Ellen Lewis, January 7 – Mark Nolte and Yasmine Rezai, January 14 – Russ Schmeiser and Melissa Schooley.