Iowa City Noon Rotary


President Jody introduced District Governor Jacque Andrew, who spoke about our club attaining the rare achievement of becoming a 100 percent Paul Harris Fellow club. A member becomes a Paul Harris Fellow when he or she has given at least $1,000 to the Rotary Foundation. After that, each dollar earns a member points that can be credited to others; because of the generosity of those in our club, we had additional points available that were used to make all members Paul Harris Fellows. DG Andrew said these funds are used to change lives through a number of projects that promote things like potable water, eradication of disease and the pursuit of peace.

Our club is notable for a number of reasons. It is the largest club in District 6000. With this achievement, it comes the 11th club in the district to become 100 percent Paul Harris Fellows. Our club also is among the 100 largest in the world. Of more than 34,000 clubs in the world, there are 42 that have more than 300 members. Of those, just three others – Columbus, Ga.; Long Beach, Calif.; and Charlotte, N.C. – are 100 percent Paul Harris fellows.

“This is a wonderful, momentous occasion,” she said. “I couldn’t be prouder of this club. You are a beacon for the district.”

Initial Paul Harris Fellowships then were awarded to the following club members through a combination of their own giving and the contributions of points: Amy LaGrange, Greg Black, Barry Butler, Christine Ciasto, Reginald Cooper, Ryan Doehrmann, Patrick Eads, Dennis Farrell, Renda Greene-Fishman, Curt Heideman, Kenneth Kates, Stephen Murley, Arthur Nowak, Amy O'Deen, Jean Robillard, David, Siebert, Michael, Walsh, Mark Abbott, Jerry Arganbright, Pamela Ballard, Byron Bork, Tricia Brown, Wallace Chappell, Susan Craig, Karen DeGroot, Joseph Dobrian, Patrick Donnelly, Kelley Drowne, Jeff Edberg, Linda Farkas, Jerry Fleagle, Kyle Galloway, Chris Gnade, David Grady, Robyn Hepker, Marcia Holley, Diane Huber, Joe Hughes, Eric Jacobsen, John Kenyon, Charles Krogmeier, Brenda LaMarche, Rod Lehnertz, Jane McCune, Sean McIntyre, Jim Merchant, Gene Mohling, Horacio Olivo, Steven Quigley, Terry Riley, Kristin Roberts, Tom Salm, John Schultz, Rebecca Schultz, Walter Sparks, Art Spisak, Jerry Waddilove, Anthony Weiler, Terrence Neuzil, Moe Ajam, Alan Arzu, Joe Barry, Mike Broadston, Gregory Carmichael, Christine Catney, James Clark, Graciela Coffman, Patricia Collins, Jim Conard, Robert Cremer Jr., Boyd Crosby, Sue Curry, Colleen Davis, Julie Decker, Jim Dreusicke, Timothy Dwight, Ann Feldmann, Mick Fletcher, Jeff Gilmore, Scott Hansche, John Holmes, Ryder Houston, Helen Jameson, David Johnsen, Frank Judisch, Norman Kallaus, Jeff Kellbach, Tracy Klein, Roger Lusala, Vincent Maurer, Michael McEleney, Mitchell Meis, Glen Meisner, John Montgomery, Earle Murphy, John Murphy, Jeff Nock, Mark Nolte, A. Jacob Odgaard, Michelle Payne, Dave Picray, Michel Pontarelli, Mike Pugh, Thomas Ray, Chad Reimers, Steve Roe, Lynn Rowat, Christine Scheetz, Gregg Shoultz, Dale Simon, Lanny Van Daele, Dennis Visser, Shawn Wax, Casey White, Thais Winkleblack, John Yeomans.

In addition, Rotarians who recently had achieved additional levels as Paul Harris Fellows through their own giving were recognized. They were: Chris Atchison, Kevin Monson (Paul Harris Fellows);  John Fraser, Roy Justis, Bruce Kout, Tom Markus, Steve Bowers (PHF +1); Mike McKay, Steve Schomberg (PHF + 2); Lynette Marshall (PHF + 3); Jody Braverman  (PHF + 4); Dick Larew (PHF + 5); Vern Folkmann (PHF + 6); and Bill Bywater (PHF + 8).

Those not present at the ceremony may contact Bruce Guither to receive their certificate.

DG Andrew noted that Bruce Guither, with assistance from Maggie Mowery, deserved recognition for the paperwork involved in the effort, while President Jody noted that the idea orginated with Herb Wilson.