Iowa City Noon Rotary

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Our Meeting was called to order by President Barb Thomas.
President Barb Thomas informed everyone that Carolyn Gross is dealing with liver cancer and only expected to be with us a few more weeks. She is resting comfortably in hospice care. Please keep Carolyn and John in your thoughts. If you would like to send a card the address is 4 Brickwood Knoll NE, Iowa City, IA 52240.
President Thomas also reminded everyone to look at the most recent Rotarian District newsletter as there are several of our members featured.  And finally, President Thomas thanked those that attended the Rotary Social.
Rtn. Eric Weiler announced the results of the Rotary elections. For the two open positions on the Rotary Board of Directors, they are Rtn. Madeline Windauer and Rtn. Devin van Holsteijn and the Rotary President-elect nominee who will be leading our Rotary club in 2022,  is Rtn. Ryan Bell.
Rtn. Dave Brown announced the Environmental Concerns Committee has been working on an activity and along with the other rotary clubs have landed on the Rotary Clubs of Iowa City Adopt a Highway. The highway is Sand Road south of Terry Blueblood Park. The date for cleanup is Oct. 17th at 10am.
The Rotary moment of positivity and gratitude was given by Rtn. Chris Atchison.
Rtn. Verne Folkmann gave the following awards. Paul Harris Fellow, Rtn. Janice Baldes; Paul Harris Fellow +2, Rtn. Dorothy Paul & Rtn. Tom Cilek; Paul Harris Fellow +3, Rtn. Steve Schomberg & Rtn. Madeline Windauer; Paul Harris Fellow +5, Rtn. Benny Hawkins; and Major Donor, Rtn. Steve West.
Rtn. Verne Folkmann introduced speaker Rtn. Chris Knapp presenting on “It’s Our Foundation! Past, Present, and Future – the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.”
Rtn. Knapp shared that our club gave $7,750 to the End Polio Now efforts and with the 2 for 1 match with the Gates Foundation, it represented $23,000. The annual theme for the Rotary Foundation is Rotary Opens Opportunities and this past year our club gave $40,475 in annual contributions. The Rotary Foundation is evaluated by Charity Navigator and over the past eight years the Foundation has received a 4-star rating. The rating is based on efficiency, stewardship, and the activities the Foundation is involved in. The Rotary Foundation is proud that for every 95 cents of every dollar contributed, it is spent on rotary projects. Over the past 12-years our district has given 95 global grants, $5.2 million dollars and an estimated 900,000 people have been impacted by these donations. The Rotary International Mission Statement is – Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves. The Rotary Foundation Mission Statement is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty. There are many ways to give a financial donation. Click here to learn more.
The meeting ended at 1:00 PM as President Barb Thomas led the assembly in reciting The Four Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians included: Chris Knapp (Iowa City AM); Gary Wicklund (Vale Rotary).
Guests: Eran Roseman (guest of Colleen Brown)
Program: Devin van Holsteijn; Attendance: Nancy Droll
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It is our policy to have all members silence their cell phones before the meeting and refrain from answering their cell phones during the meeting out of respect to the speaker and fellow members.