Iowa City Noon Rotary

Our Meeting was called to order by President Barb Thomas.
Rtn. Josh Schamberger announced that the Xtreme Arena in Coralville is on track to open in mid-September. They have set up a walkthrough on August 3 at 4:30 p.m. with Kelly Hayworth and Josh. It was announced today that this fall Xtreme Arena will host USA Wrestling Senior Nationals at Xtreme Arena. This information will be sent out through Rotary e-mail.
Visiting Rtn. Janet Labertsen, the president of the Rotary club of Iowa Falls, extended an invitation to attend their club's meeting on Monday, July 27 at 12:30 PM to hear District Governor of District 5970 Lowell Stoolman give his annual update to their club.
Rtn. Mark Pries announced the Rotary Kerber Heart Safe Initiative will be delivering AED’s to churches next week.
Rtn. Pete Wallace announced that Johnson County had come up with a resolution to counteract COVID-19 and its effects and it has been circulating.
Rtn. Trisha Smith shared that United Way created three pop-up financial stability centers for those who are in unstable positions and need resources. They have partnered with ICCSD for this project. United Way is seeking volunteers to help with this even. Please reach out to Trisha for more information.
Gov. Steve Dakin shared that Holgar Knaack, RI President 2020-2021 is very focused on involving youth through Rotaract. He said Knaack will emphasize specific areas of focus within Rotary. He believes the quickest way we can grow is through satellite clubs and that requires sponsoring clubs. Gov. Dakin shared if you can keep a Rotarian for 2.5 years, you’ll probably keep them for life.
Gov. Dakin traveled our district with a Rotary super hero outfit including a blue cape. He’s willing to come to fundraisers and take a pie to the face for a good cause. He is a big believer in RYLA. He wears a purple beard to recognize Rotary’s international effort to eradicate the world of Polio. Every child who gets immunized gets a spot of purple die on their finger to recognize that they had been immunized. His goal is to raise enough money for 25 Sukup homes, which provide safe living to those in hurricane-prone areas.
President Barb Thomas led us in the 4-way test and concluded the meeting at 12:58 p.m.
Visiting Rotarians included: Janet Lambertsen, Iowa Falls President; Phil Peterson, Iowa City AM; LaDonna & Gary Wicklund, Vail Rotary; Christina Kimerle, St. Louis; Assistant District Governor Phil Peterson; District Governor Steve Dakin.
Guests of Rotarians: Peggy Grimmer and T'Shailyn Harrington, guests of Barb Thomas.
Program: Devin van Holsteijn; Attendance: Nancy Droll
For questions related to Club administration, please contact us at