Iowa City Noon Rotary

Luke Eustice, Hawkeye Wrestling Club & Coach Dan Gable, Olympic Wrestling Trials
Josh Schamberger introduced Luke Eustice, Director of Operations, for the University of Iowa wrestling program. Luke is a former 125 lb. Iowa wrestler and a 2002 NCAA finalist at Iowa who oversees the Hawkeye Wrestling Club. Since 1973, the Hawkeye Wrestling Club has played a vital role in the continued success of not only the Iowa Wrestling program but also their athletes’ quest to become World and Olympic Champions. Currently the club consists of 5 post-collegiate Iowa wrestlers who continue to train and workout with the team while providing mentoring opportunities to the current college wrestlers and recruiting efforts to secure future athletes. Iowa Wrestling will be hosting a marquee matchup “Grapple On The Gridiron” versus Oklahoma State before the Iowa/Minnesota football game on November 14th at 11:00 a.m.  So far 29,000 tickets have been sold with a goal of 52,000.  Please consider buying a $10 ticket to be part of this historic event at Kinnick Stadium.
Josh Schamberger introduced Coach Dan Gable who was instrumental in securing Iowa City as the host city for the 2012 Olympic Trials. Iowa City will also have the opportunity to host the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials which will take place on April 8-10 at Carver-Hawkeye Arena next year. The Olympic Trials will have Men’s Grecco and Men & Women’s Freestyling competitions as well as a Fan Fest that will be held in downtown Iowa City. This is a chance to see athletes compete and give the fans a piece of something to follow at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. Coach Gable is still enthusiastic about the program and is already looking ahead to the 2020 Olympics in Japan and the possibility of Los Angeles hosting the 2024 Olympics. When Coach Gable first arrived at Iowa former Athletic Director Bump Elliott gave him a Hawkeye billed cap. Under the bill were the words “Show Up! Dominate! Go Home!” and Coach Gable has been following Bump’s orders ever since.
Go Hawks!
For more information on the Hawkeye Wrestling Club visit:
For more information on the 2016 U.S. Olympic Wrestling Trials visit:
Nov. 5 – Noon Rotary Centennial Celebration at the Iowa Memorial Union at 6 p.m.
Singing:  Bob Crane led the singing of America the Beautiful and Smile with Jim Conard on the piano.
Rotary Moment: George Eichacker on engaged Rotarian John Dasher. John was very involved with the Rotary Club in Ames for 30 years before moving to Iowa City. His work on the nominating committee both at the local and district level was an important part of his Rotary experience as it helped him appreciate what Rotary does while training & mentoring new members. New members need to make Rotary an important part of their life and get engaged. George & John combined have over 100 years in Rotary!
President Thais had the following announcements:
Noon Rotary Centennial Celebration: Members should have received an invitation in a yellow envelope for the 100th celebration in the mail. Please remember to RSVP for this very special event. The celebration will kick-off at 6:00 p.m. at the Iowa Memorial Union. Questions? Please contact Ann Parker at Please note: there is a noon meeting on Rotary projects that day!
Fireside Chats: Usha Balakrishnan is hosting the next monthly fireside chat for our club on Thursday, Oct. 29 prior to our regular club meeting at 11:00 a.m. This is a great way to get engaged and find out more about Rotary in a smaller setting.
RYLA: Brian Adamec from the Iowa City AM Club is here to remind members that their club’s fundraising efforts through Select Fundraising to send more high school students to RYLA is continuing with the sale of gourmet nuts, chocolates and popcorn. Brian had samples and order forms on hand after the meeting.
Raffle Corner: Please buy or help sell Raffle Tickets. The net proceeds support our Club’s projects as well as the three public libraries in our area. The raffle corner will be at the back bar after every meeting if members have questions, need to turn in money or require additional tickets. There are a lot of outstanding tickets so please remember to finish selling your tickets and turn them in at our October 29 meeting.
Membership and Every Rotarian Every Year dues need to be paid as soon as possible. Payments were due July 1st – we want all members in good standing. Contact Steve Quigley with questions at: .
For questions related to Club administration, please contact us at
Guests and Visiting Rotarians
Cyndy Crider introduced Visiting Rotarians Brian Adamec (Iowa City AM) and Chet Woodman (Chagrin Valley District 6630), as well as guests Chris Nicknish & Barb Nicknish (Thais Winkleblack), Deb Kacmarynski (Lynette Marshall), John Stamler (Jody Braverman), Jill Schryver (Mark Hamer), Amy Boelk & Tom Menke (Joe Hughes), Alan Swanson (Ken Urmie) M. Theresa Schaefer (Usha Balakrishnan), Joe Vens (Verne Folkmann),  Luke Eustice & Dan Gable (Josh Schamberger).
Program: Tom Cilek; Attendance: Nancy Droll; Greeters: October 29 – Scott Enyart and Paul Pressler, November 5 – Ron Zieglowsky and George Eichacker, November 12 – Kelley Drowne and Jeffrey Kueter.