Iowa City Noon Rotary

The Rotary-Kerber HeartSafe Community Campaign's mission is to increase the survival rate of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in Iowa City and Coralville by motivating laypersons to intervene effectively using CPR and AEDs.
The program provides area businesses with access to wall mounted AED units at a discounted price as well as training for employees and individuals. The AED package contains an AED, an AED wall mounting case, a rescue kit (gloves, scissors, face mask), and wall AED signage. In addition, your business will receive an entrance door stick-on signage to identify the exact location of the AED within your building. If your business would like to take advantage of this benefit, please visit:
This program was launched by members of the Iowa City Noon Rotary. The club provided the initial $5,000 grant which was matched by District 6000. The Campaign raises money from individuals and organizations in the community in order to provide the AEDs at a discount. Rotarians provide the training for employees and individuals as well as deliver and oversee the installation of the AEDs. 
To learn more, visit the Rotary Kerber HeartSafe Community Campaign website. 


David Borger-Germann, Sanctuary Community Church, with their AED.
Abbey Ferenzi, Executive Director of GuideLink, receives their AED. 
Jim Merchant on behalf of Rotary Kerber Heartsafe presents AED donated by Kenneth K. Kinsey Foundation to Ken Kinsey for the Community Foundation of Johnson County. 
In Oxford, Iowa, this AED is mounted outside of the Fire Station. 
An AED outside of Gillmore Hall on the University of Iowa campus. 
An AED in St. Mary's Catholic Church