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2020-21 Club President

We meet Thursdays at 12:00pm

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Our Meeting was called to order by President Barb Thomas, who led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Rtn. Devon van Holsteijn provided Zoom user tips.
Rtn. Linda Farkas shared that we need help with the Youth Leadership Committee at Liberty High School. Rtn. Heather Croskey is our Rotarian taking over Liberty High. We are focusing on adding diversity this year. Please reach out to Linda or Heather if you are willing to help.
President Barb shared a thank you letter from Hills Elementary for the I Can Read materials (DVD and booklet) signed by two teachers. Kudos to Rtn. LaDonna Wicklund and the I Can Read committee.
Please consider applying to be on the Rotary leadership board. Just e-mail President Barb with a sentence on each of the following. 1. Information about you. 2. Your involvement in our Rotary club. 3. How you want to serve.  E-mails are due by Sept. 25th.
President Barb asked that everyone like and follow our Iowa City Noon Rotary Facebook page; and share the posts to build our reach and spread the word.
Rotary Moment of Gratitude and Positivity Rtn. Brad Baldes shared his top 10 list of things he is grateful for during this pandemic.
We went to Zoom Rooms for a few minutes, which were like virtual tables, where we could communicate in small groups.
Watch today's meeting at: 
Our Meeting was called to order by President-elect Eric Weiler.
President-elect Eric Weiler announced President Barbara Thomas was not at the meeting today because she was receiving an award from the Cedar Rapids Gazette – the “Her Women of Achievement” Award.
Rtn. Bill Easton reminded everyone we are partnering with Shelter House for a day of service tomorrow from 9am – 5pm. Donations can be dropped off at their drive through or email President Barbara Thomas at if you are unable to drop off but have donations that can be picked up. Bill Easton will pick up items at your house.
President-elect Eric Weiler announced the Rotary Board is looking for people interested in taking a leadership role in Rotary. If interested, please email President Barbara Thomas at by Sept. 25th.  Simply provide three sentences that tell us about yourself, your involvement with Rotary and why you want to be on the Rotary board.
Rtn. Shelley Maharry provided the Rotary moment of positivity and gratitude on scholarship funds.
Watch today's meeting here: 
Our Meeting was called to order by President Barb Thomas.
Rtn. Gary Pacha prodivded the final update on the Food Fight for CommUnity.  Our club raised $3,737.  Our Club did not get the golden turkey, as the Downtown Club won on a per capita basis.  In total, all the local Clubs raised just shy of $20,000 raised (100,000 pounds of food!!).   
President Barb Thomas announced Aaron Schaefer’s baby boy was born yesterday.  Congratulations to Aaron and family!  We also received a thank you note from Borlog Elementary.  As they do every year, the I Can Read project provides these free, fun materials for each Kindergartener.  The teachers and students are so appreciative for the support.
Rtn. Bill Easton announced that our Club is partnering with Shelter House for a day of service on September 11th from 9-5:30.  This will be a drive-through supply drive.  They are in greatest need of: toothbrushes, toothpaste, travel sized toiletries, masks, hand sanitizer, feminine hygiene products, backbacks, and new socks and underwear.  Please contact Barb or Bill if you want to have donated items picked up.  A few volunteering spots are available; please sign up at
Rtn. Patty McCarthy shared that on Tuesday, Patty, President Barb Thomas and Rtn. Ryan Bell delivered 288 gigantic cookies to workers who are assisting in cleaning up the storm debris in Johnson County, Iowa City, Coralville, and North Liberty. Our Club brought a lot of joy.  The cookies were purchased by our Club at a huge discount provided by the Bread Garden.
President Barb shared a photo of our Club in their Rotary masks.  Please continue to send your mask photos to her.  If you would like to purchase additional masks for $4 each, please contact President Barb (  Please mail a check payable to Iowa City Noon Rotary to Treasurer Neil Quellhorst (3734 Forest Gate Drive, Iowa City, IA 52240). 
The Club is seeking Board nominations.  If you are interested, Barb needs 3 sentences: 1 about you, 1 about your work with Rotary, and 1 about why you would like to join the Board.  The only requirement is that you must have been a member for at least one year.  Please send nominations by September 25th.  The vote will be at the beginning of October. 
Additionally, going forward, you will only receive one email after the meeting.  The link for the YouTube recordering will be included in the Clubrunnber newletter from our notetakers.
The Rotary Moment of Gratitude and Positivity was delivered by Rtn. Madeline Windauer.  On the day of the derecho, August 10th, Madeline’s daughter and 3 young children arrived for a visit.  They were without electricity, hot water, internet, and phone service for 6 days.  It reminded them of living on the Iowa Prairie 100 years ago or a refugee camp.  She was grateful for running (cold) water, fuel for the camp stove, a running car, and that they never had an emergency requiring a call for help.  She hopes we are now more sensitive to the needs of others and we won’t take the simple things for granted.
Rtn. Pete Wallace provided an update on the Small Grants Committee.  The Committee responds to requests from individuals and organizations in the community where funds are not available elsewhere (designed for special needs under $500).  Over 30 years, the Committee has provided a lot of help throughout the community.  If you know of a need in the community, please direct them to the our Club’s website where they can find additional information.  If you’re interested in joining the Committee, please contact President Barb Thomas.
Goat Rider: Mary Rettig.
Rtn. Sara Sedlacek (now of the West Liberty Club) introduced today’s speaker, Melanie Gross.  Melanie is the director of Community Relations at the Village Community. 
The Village Community is a dayhab program for young adults with intellectual disabilities, where they are nurtured and can engage in continued learning in the community.  The program was created specifically for young adults who age out of the school system.  She shared a video depicting a typical day at the Village Community (pre-COVID).  They have 16 members and 16 staff, so all members get truly individualized care and attention.
They are trying to remain open during the pandemic since they were allowed to re-open in June.  Not all members are able to attend due to health risks, but the members who can stay in small groups with a staff member.  University of Iowa students recently developed a specialized app for the Village to assist with Medicaid billing and other administrative tasks that saves them hours each week.
Please check out the website at:
The meeting ended at 1:01 PM as President Barb Thomas led the assembly in reciting The Four Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians included: Gary Wicklund (Vale, CO)
Guests of Rotarians: T’Shailyn Harrington (Barb Thomas); Samantha Johnson (Ryan Bell)
Program: Devin van Holsteijn; Attendance: Nancy Droll
Please forward any newsworthy items and/or photos to Jon Brown or Janice Baldes to include in the weekly slide decks emailed to members prior to each meeting and shown just before Rotary meetings at the Club. You can send information to: Janice Baldes or Jon Brown at
For questions related to Club administration, please contact us at
It is our policy to have all members silence their cell phones before the meeting and refrain from answering their cell phones during the meeting out of respect to the speaker and fellow members.
Watch today's meeting at:
Our Meeting was called to order by President Barbara Thomas.
President Barbara Thomas reminded everyone that it is time to pay dues. She also announced that on August 25, 2020, Africa was declared polio free!
Rtn. Bill Easton announced that we are partnering with Shelter House on September 11th, there will be opportunities to volunteer and donate. An email will be coming soon with more information. 
Rtn. Dimy Doresca introduced Lemi Tilahun, Community School Director at Hoover in Cedar Rapids, who expressed appreciation from the community for the support and donations received from Rotary during Derecho. Due to damages from the storm, 252 families were displaced. They have been able to place families in shelters and hotels as well as collect home good items and culturally specific food.  Out of those families, 40 families remain in need of shelter.  They are asking for donations to stage their eventual long-term housing situations. You can reach Lemi at
Rtn Gary Pacha announced that as of today, the local rotary clubs have donated a total of $14,442 towards food for CommUnity, our club has donated $3686,. To make a donation you can do so online at: or by sending a check (make sure that you write Iowa City Noon Rotary on the memo line) and send to them with this donation form
President Barb Thomas announced on behalf of United Way that tonight at 6:30 pm all local new stations will air a special show raising support for Derecho support funds.
Rtn. Kim Casko announced that governor. Reynolds signed a new public health disaster proclamation in response to increasing COVID-19 cases over the last 14 days. The new proclamation goes in effect at 5 p.m. today and remains in effect until Sept. 20.You can find more details here:
Goat Rider: Rtn: Todd Becker
Moment of Gratitude and Positivity:
Rtn: Jerry Waddilove shared his family’s new tradition that has developed during Covid-19. As a family, they ride their bikes together on Fridays and stop at a local restaurant. 
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Rotarian Tunji Funsho named one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People in the world

TIME 100 recognized Funsho for his instrumental leadership and work with Rotary members and partners to achieve the eradication of wild polio in the African region.

Nigerian physician Dr. Tunji Funsho named one of TIME’s Most Influential People in the world

Nigerian physician Dr. Tunji Funsho named one of TIME’s Most Influential People in the world

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